Woke & Broke – A Lazy Sunday

Sometimes you wake up broke and you have to keep grinding through the worst to make it work. Aday where she doesn’t comb her hair, where he laughs without resignation, in a place that is their own. Knowing that they may very well have to hang their humanity at the door when they leave for work that looming Monday morning.

It is our job as artists to create pictures and Woke & Broke seeks to frame the layers of our intellectual identity and its relationship with currency.

We live in such a time where the various aspects of our lives are traded quite publicly, some ­at the expense of the others. There are moments when in order to alleviate one’s proximity to poverty we’re faced with the ideation of sacrificing our culture for capital.
On the other side of the spectrum, sometimes you wake up broke and you have to keep on grinding through the worst to make it work. It doesn’t feel great, it takes a toll on your relationship, but eventually, it all comes together if you’re actually willing to dedicate yourself to the hustle. Even if it happens to mean time away from the one you love.

In order to explore these two narratives, we’ve decided on shooting the lookbook in such a way that it told a short story of a young creative couple in the city, going about their day on a lazy Sunday. Hustling, putting in the extra hours, and spending quality time together right at the end of the evening.

Recommended Playlist: We recommend listening to Flōyu’s SoundCloud during your lazy Sundays.

Client: Woke & Broke
Agency: Area Code, Taunyane
Photography: Taunyane – Mandla Shonhiwa
Art Direction: Area Code – Kenan Petersen
Models: Esther Cupido, Ben Moyo
Concept: Kenan Petersen, Mandla Shonhiwa

Set Design: Area Code, Taunyane

Stylist: Ben Moyo, Kenan Petersen, Mandla Shonhiwa
Make­-up: Esther Cupido
Wardrobe: Woke & Broke, Esther Cupido, Ben Moyo
Set Props: Area Code

Production Assistant: Marlen Mentoor
Casting Director: Mandla Shonhiwa

Music Curator: Flōyu

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