021LIT – Illustration

When we think ‘Lit’ we think fire. Which is why we tailored the design around this aesthetic. Working with 021Lit on these illustrations for their event at House of H was a great experience. We worked on the campaign for 3 months and picked up a lot of important learnings regarding culture and how it operates inside of a closed space.

These series of illustrations break down the essence of the word ‘Lit’. When we think of ‘Lit’ we think fire. Which is why we tailored the design around this aesthetic. We used colour palettes and took design cues from fire extinguishers in order to recreate the overall feel. This is how we arrived at the bold, all-caps font for the logo. The logo is a simplified version of blocks of wood laid out in the shape of the name.

The illustrations themselves always iterated matchsticks in various forms of being burned and unburned. Taking inspiration from hazard signage, emergency signage and burned buildings. This set the bedrock for the universe these illustrations would live in. Setting up a visual universe is of the utmost importance because it allows the viewer to passively insert themselves into your brand’s world without having to categorically explain each part of it to them. This saves not only time but the overall budget when bridging the narrative gap between your brand and your consumer.



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