Smashing Gender Roles


This generation of world changers are taking a stand. I love how our generation has completely said eff you to gender roles during the last few years. O

n the day of my birth “It’s a girl,” was what the doctor said to my parents as they already decided my fatal gender in the miserable heteronormative world that we live in. Wrapping me in a pink blanket and at the same time boxing me into gender roles. From that day on, it has been a roller-coaster ride from girls play with Barbie dolls, girls should wear fairy dresses and boys like you better when…

For generations these gender roles have controlled the things we wear, the things are able to do, the careers we should be interested in and even the bathrooms that we enter. The point I’m trying to make is that gender roles are absolute crap and sometimes it boxes us up without us noticing.

BUT this generation of world changers are taking a stand. I’ll be focusing on one of the things that are changing regarding gender roles and that is of course fashion. I love how our generation has completely said eff you to it during the last few years.

We see this with Jaden Smith. He said he would like to minimise the chances of future generation boys getting bullied for wearing dresses and skirts. Our recent frenzy with guys in crop tops which in opinion started with Nicolas and Seth Van Graan but okay it actually started way back like Fresh Prince of Bel-air time. To right now with guys literally slaying the whole make-up game. Have you guys seen Bretmanrock’s highlighter goooosh damn I can see my future in it? Also, let us not forget the womxn smashing gender roles. Realizing that we never needed a ball or a prince to whip out that silk dress or suit. Let’s look at the girl boss Sophia Amoruso that wrote a book on how she went from a drop out to businesswomen by reselling vintage clothes. How about all the goddesses that shaved their hair and said eff you to the “boys like girls with long hair” thing. Not to mention Quezzy that’s been giving me life during fashion weeks. All in all the time has come where all us revolutionaries literally just have to slay the lives of all the oppressive gender role upholders and make this world a better place to live in for generations to come.

It makes me ridiculously happy to think that one-day clothing stores will have clothing sections and not male and female sections. Toy sections instead of girl and boy sections and bathrooms instead of male/female bathrooms.

IT’S-A REVOLUTION BABY. And the youth is changing everything slowly but surely. So here’s to wearing whatever the hell you feel like, doing whatever you want and being freaking fearless while fighting the power.

Until next time go out there and be the dream chasers and world chasers you were meant to be. You are the revolution. These images are of some Warrior Queens smashing gender roles in fashion while wearing Socio-culture.


Charcy Ponce — @yourtwiggy
Chadlee Van Wyk — @chadlee.vanwyk
Dain Sisam- @dainsisam



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