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unshine, sunflowers and flower crowns. These are the ingredients to happiness. Salt and light is a flower crown brand started by Charcy Ponce, a 20-year-old creative genius and model. She hand makes happiness in the form of a crown.

When asked why she started her business she says that flower crowns have a way of making people feel more beautiful, it gives them the strength they need to be the salt and light in this world. After finishing High school in 2014, she interned at Hillsong’s creative centre. “It taught me so much because they made sure everything was perfected. So when I’m making flower crowns I make sure I perfect it”. After interning for a year she started working at a jewellery store in Long Street in order to make enough money to study fashion. This year that’s exactly what she is doing, studying fashion whilst making happiness in the form of flower crowns. Besides that, she is also a freelance model so she has her hands full. She is definitely a boss lady worth looking up too.

The history of flower crown changes according to different cultures and countries. In Greece, it was worn to worship Gods. In Europe, it was used to do the same although it fell out of fashion as it was seen as blasphemy to be worshiping other Gods. The Ukrainian flower crown was worn by females who reached the age to get married. It was also worn by couples after saying their vows. In the 1960’s it was worn by hippies in America. Today, it is worn at festivals, weddings, campus or well anywhere you want to wear it too. I mean I’d wear my flower crown to bed if I could.

I sat and watched Charcy put her all in making the crowns for this shoot. Such concentration, such precision… such love. She worked on the crowns and I helped out with the denim jackets (yes she’s a designer too-yes I’m jealous too). We awoke early the following morning with less than 2 hours of sleep. We were way too excited for the shoot and fulfilling its concept to feel our lack of sleep though.

Off we went to this ridiculously beautiful setting that should be in the scene of a movie. Honestly, it was amazing. Not as beautiful as the flower crowns covering our heads or the tops made by Bohochic a local clothing line. These hand-made crochet garments feel like heaven on your skin. To top it all off it can be worn to swim in as well. These tops are made by two University students in order to pay their fee’s. Basically, by buying a top you’ll be helping students out and looking cute while doing it.

Both the flower crown and top is a must have In any season and for every occasion. Dm Salt and Light Collective for a custom made crown and check Bohochic’s online store for a garment of your choice.

Until next time, be the salt and light in this world.

Jessica Amdur

Charcy Ponce
Esther Joy Cupido

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Salt and Light Collective

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Writer: Esther Cupido

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